Enjoy with your couple or your family, our spa area and its benefits!

Massages and treatments

If you also want to enjoy a good massage or treatments, we offer at the request of the following services:

  • Relaxing massages with essential oils (30 or 60 min) 39€-59€
  • Facial cranial treatment (massage, peeling and hydration) (30 min) 39€
  • Facial treatment (peeling, mask, hydration and massage) (60 min) 59€
  • Relaxing massage of 30 min + facial treatment 30min (peeling, hydration and massage) 69€
  • Lymphatic drainage (legs and abdomen) (60 min) 59€
  • Lymphatic drainage (45 min) + Facial treatment (30 min) (drainage or facial peeling with hydration) 79€
  • Pedal reflexology (45 min) 49€

You only need to indicate it at the time of booking and we will answer you according to availability